Puddletown Hall 2015I need to come up with an auction item for my kids’ school fundraiser in the next 6 days. It should be something handmade or local/edible. I could do a gift certificate for something, but I don’t like bidding for things that have a price tag literally on them.

Some ideas I’ve been considering:

  • Coffee basket
  • Fairy house (we did this last year)
  • Framed watercolor (I’m not a great artist; this would need to be a coloring book sheet from one of my grown-up coloring books. That said, I’ve framed some for our kids rooms.)
  • Bottle of wine (lots of people already do this)
  • Embroidered flour sack towels

There’s so much potential for weirdness with handmade donations to things like your kids’ school. What if your aesthetic doesn’t match that of the other parents? What if your thing doesn’t sell? What if everyone else donates expensive stuff and you give homemade granola (I did this in 2013. I make good granola, but I still think of that year as a bit of a failure)?

Do you buy stuff at silent auctions? What are you excited to get? What do you hate having to bid on out of pity/guilt?

Most importantly, do you have a suggestion for something I should donate? šŸ™‚