Hi, I’m Andrea Middleton, and this is my personal blog. I mostly use this site to share ideas about community, leadership, open source, and WordPress. I also sometimes post pictures of my family, amusing things my kids say, food and wine thoughts, and other nonspecific stuff. From 2011-2021 I worked at Automattic, focused on the WordPress open source project; I now work for Reddit. I live in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Shelley Conti says:

    Hi Andrea, Thank you for your complete review of Firstleaf’s white wines. I’m anxiously awaiting what you have to say about the reds! Right now I am waiting for my first order of 6 bottles (couldn’t resist either) & they are already sending me emails tempting me with buying more (12) even though I haven’t gotten my first shipment yet. I’m trying to be patient & not order more yet but I’m a sucker for wine (good stuff!) delivered to my door!


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