This Week’s Meal Plan

20130118-203505.jpg There’s nothing like a wild Friday night of grocery list-making and meal-planning – whew, good times! I got some new cookbooks for Xmas that I’m pulling heavily from this week; 4 of the 6 dishes here are new, though with familiar flavors and ingredients.

Here’s what’s coming to our table this week:

Saturday: beef stew, crusty bread

Sunday: chicken with orange-ginger sauce; rice, broccoli with almonds

Monday: teriyaki salmon w/mushrooms; whole wheat spaghetti, green beans

Tuesday: weeknight play date; out

Wednesday: Greek meatballs w/yogurt sauce; rice, sautéed spinach

Thursday: herbed chicken w/feta sauce; buttered noodles, green beans

Friday: 3-cheese spinach orzo bake; cucumber salad

I’m lucky in that my 4yo and 1yo both like fish. The Greek meatballs are made with ground pork and broiled (grilled in summer) to rave reviews. This week most everything’s from Fresh Food Fast Weeknight Meals from Cooking Light or my old favorite, Time for Dinner. If you have kids and need to be able to have dinner on the table in 20 minutes pretty much every night, Time for Dinner is a necessary pantry item. 🙂

I also have scoped out some backup meals for which I’ll have ingredients in the fridge/pantry – Spanish tortilla or Swedish meatballs – in case work blows up on me and I forget to defrost something, or any other mid-week weirdness occurs. Because, you know, it does sometimes.

So now that my lists are all made, I can enjoy a slow Saturday morning with the kids while Tom gets us a new tire; small luxuries! Have a great weekend, everybody.

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