We’re planning to take a week off in August to take our first major family road trip. The kids are 3 & 6 now, and probably close to old enough to tolerate 3-4 hours in the car per day without driving us insane. We had toyed with the idea of going down to Yellowstone when we thought Tom’s dad would be coming with us, but since he’s elected to sit this one out, we’re thinking of just toodling around the state of Oregon.

One of my favorite places to visit in Oregon, other than the coast, is Crater Lake. However, I’m not sure the kids are old enough to get anything out of it. Since we’ll be traveling in August, I’m not wild about going to Bend, since it’s so high desert and I’m not a huge fan of deserts in the first place, much less hot ones.

But seriously: Crater freaking Lake!
But seriously: Crater freaking Lake!

So now we’re thinking we might just spend 4-5 days camping at the coast and then stay one night near a lake or river somewhere in the Willamette Valley area, on our way home.

Should we camp near Humbug Mountain?

I will say that I’ve done a night or two of research on the “family road trips with small kids in Oregon” topic, and the blogosphere is not rich with great data.  I may end up having to blog our adventures just because so few other people seem to be doing so, and as every parent of small kids knows when planning a trip, more data is better. I have a nifty new iPad to use for beta testing now, so there’s really no excuse left for me to do some travel blogging this summer. 🙂