What we’re drinking this summer

I like to have cool drinks in the fridge during the summer to keep us all hydrated and, well, cool. Tom is crazy-fond of hibiscus-mint tea (lightly sweetened), and I’m enjoying keeping a pitcher filled with water in the fridge, with some lemon slices and a sprig of mint in it.

We started making hibiscus mint tea in Austin, where nearly every grocery store has bags of dried hibiscus flowers in the produce section. Here in Portland, Latino foods are not nearly as ubiquitous, so I ended up just ordering a pound each of bulk mint and hibiscus through Amazon. It comes from the same company that supplies nearly every bulk bin you’ve ever used, called Frontier. The price is right, and we’re enjoying our healthy, refreshing herbal iced tea quite a lot these days. Well, Baxter loves it along with the resident adults; Amelia’s sticking with milk or (unadulterated) water.

Do you have favorite summer drinks? What are they?

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