Concerts in Ardenwald Park

Tonight for National Night Out, we went to one of the free summer concerts at our local (really local, like 5 block away) park. The Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association puts on concerts at the humble and cozy Ardenwald Park every Thursday in August.

It was fun while we were there! Some friends and family joined us, we had a picnic, and the kids ran around like crazy. The only downer was that Amelia threw a huge fit about leaving at the set break (our usual bedtime is around 7, and it was 8 already) and we had a big argument. Well, and also that the kids didn’t eat much and Baxter had repeating tantrums when I cut off the sweets. Can anyone tell me at what age these later evening outdoor events become 100% fun to bring kids to? My munchkins tend to take the break in routine as an excuse to act like jerks, and it makes me not want to do this kind of stuff in the first place, you know?

Well, at least Amelia got to dance a little.

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