Midway-through-the-book review: One Good Dragon Deserves Another

I’m really enjoying Rachel Aaron‘s book One Good Dragon Deserves Another, the second book in The Heartstrikers series. The male protagonist in this urban fantasy is the nicest dragon in the world, and therefore a complete failure as a dragon since they’re all alpha-dominant-schemer/brawlers. The female protagonist is a magician/scholar who dropped out of college to avenge her dad (in the first book). There are seers, alternate dimensions/worlds, mythical creatures, ex-gods, ghosts, magic artifacts… oh, and most of the action is set in post-apocalyptic Detroit. 😉

Totally stole this image from Rachel Aaron's site.
Totally stole this image from Rachel Aaron’s site.

If you like Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series, this will probably also make you smile — though it’s less dark so far. Mostly.

I *really* enjoyed Rachel Aaron’s Eli Monpress books — there are four, and they make up a funny, light, rollicking fantasy series. She writes strong, multi-dimensional male AND female characters, which of course appeals to me. If you’re looking for some light reading that doesn’t insult your intelligence, and you like fantasy or urban fantasy, I definitely recommend you check them out. 🙂

I recently learned that Rachel also writes space opera with a strong female lead called The Paradox Trilogy (under the name of Rachel Bach), so that’s probably my next series. It should get me through the end of the summer, at least — happy reading!

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