Milo McIver camp site

This is probably the worst-planned camping trip we’ve ever taken. We forgot to bring cups, we forgot to bring garbage bags, we forgot to bring lots of things. 


That said, the park is beautiful. The campsite are roomy and well-shaded. The canopy is lovely, we slept on a bed of pine needles last night (not literally), and the kids are having a great time exploring the forested area near the campsite. This is their “hideout.”

This morning we decided to drive into Estacada to get breakfast, and had a great meal at the Harvest Bakery. Donuts, bagels, fresh bread, and everything else was all delish, though slightly under-salted to my taste. 

There’s a salmon hatchery here, which we’re looking forward to exploring, and I’m sure that soon the relentless cycling around the camping loop will begin. I was worried it would be too cold or rainy but it’s been really pleasant so far. It’s always risky to camp this late in the season in Oregon, but I think this time we won. 

Tonight we’ll have baked potatoes (in the crockpot in the trailer! winning!) and grilled chicken and hopefully our neighbors will be quieter this evening. The only low point so far is that tom dropped his fairly-new iPhone and shattered the screen. 

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