My rubric when asking for additional user permissions

A WordPress contributor told me recently that he was feeling anxious about asking for a new level of user permissions for problem-solving reasons, and in the process of advising him, I realized I have a fairly reliable rubric for making those requests. Maybe it’s even useful outside of WordPress? Here it is, regardless!

  1. Hey (person), I/we have a problem, and a possible solution that you might be able to help provide. 
  2. Our team/I need to be able to do (action), in order to (accomplish something supporting the mutually understood goal of team).
  3. Currently we’re (using this awkward workaround)/completely blocked, which is inconvenient for our team and (people we’re working with). 
  4. If I/we/this group could get the right user permissions to (do XYZ), that would fix this problem. 
  5. Are there any downsides to that approach that you think I’m missing? If not, are you a person who could help us get this access?

If you have feedback on this message structure, leave it in the comments! Excelsior!

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