First Day with the Nanny

I am so jazzed that we found a nanny who is an Association Montessori Internationale-certified instructor to care for Baxter and our nanny-share baby L, who’s 2 months older than Bax. She starts caring for both kids today, which gives me a week for self-care, projects, and generally getting myself into fighting shape before I start back to work next week.

My office and our master bedroom is on the top floor of our house, so Amy The Nanny will care for both babies downstairs and I’ll work upstairs. We set up a changing table downstairs for both kids as well as a bassinet and some play areas. Neither kid is mobile yet (shew), so we don’t have to Xtreme Baby-Proof the house until then.

I have been making alterations to Amelia’s room, which is part playroom and part bedroom. She was asking about it (possibly working up to being upset about it) when I had the brainstorm of telling her that on schooldays when she goes to her preschool, her bedroom magically transforms into… Baby School!!! That seemed to make her feel better about the encroachment of the babies into her space. 🙂

My biggest challenge this week will be ignoring the inevitable crying that Baxter will be doing while (a) he and Amy work out their relationship and (b) he gets used to being one of two babies that is being cared for. Currently I’m playing OPB really loudly on the computer… but I also have earplugs handy just in case.

Shots, the morning after

I’m very glad Baxter doesn’t have

Haemophilus influenza type B
Hepatitis B
Pneumococcal virus

…that being said, getting immunized for ALL EIGHT AT ONCE when you’re only 9 weeks old might be a bit much. Poor little guy (and me) – next time I’ll space them out a bit.