Can’t wait to try these wines from Trader Joes

I’ve tried the Espiral Rosé already and love it, but Picpoul and Muscadet Sèvre et Maine are two wines that I typically have to spend a fair amount of money to drink these days, so I’m very interested to try TJ’s under-$10 offerings of both. I’ll keep you posted!   

The Failure Mode of Clever

I just discovered this article by John Scalzi (read his fiction; it’s excellent) about the urge to try to be clever when communicating with people you might not know very well, and what happens when you fail. I adore being thought clever, so this pertains to me, times a million. Maybe it pertains to you,… Continue reading The Failure Mode of Clever

8 Postcards of Generally Positive Gratitude

Lately, there seems to be a lot of fussing about how some entertainer/artist/creative person didn’t give everybody exactly what they wanted 100% of the time. Sigh. There’s a thing where people seem to think, well, if you put yourself (or your work) in the public eye, you should be prepared never to make a mistake or do anything…

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Photographer

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
? There is an unsettling, nagging worry that accompanies impostor syndrome, that somehow, someday, someone is going to find out that you’re a great big phony. Impostor syndrome is the pervasive feeling that you’re faking your way through success, and that your achievements are attributable only to good luck.…

Bathtime conversation

   Bax, all companionable: “Amelia, we don’t like the rain, do we?” A: “No, I love the rain.” B: “Me too. I love the rain too.” A: “But you just said you didn’t like rain.” B: “I was just joking.”