Dancing with production

I always enjoy the excellent podcast Hurry Slowly (hat tip Josepha Haden Chomphosy for the recommendation), and a recent episode called “Are you Satisfiable?” really resonated with me this week. The episode centers on the ideas of writer, facilitator, and activist adrienne maree brown, who recently published the book Pleasure Activism. The whole interview is…… Continue reading Dancing with production

Lizard Brain: "The body feels bad, why? A cookie will probably help."  Thinking Brain: "That bad feeling is menstrual cramps, not hunger. Take some ibuprofen. Cookies taste good at first but end up making us feel crappy and sad later." Lizard Brain: "Oh yeah, ibuprofen. Cool. But also probably a cookie." Thinking Brain: "How about… Continue reading Your typical late-December internal monologue¬†