Things parents say about their daughter sometimes

Tom: How was amelia this morning?
Andrea: calm. apologized for yelling last night
Andrea: I want to have a calm discussion of all the begging we’ve had lately
Andrea: but it needs to be when no one’s already mad about something else

For the record, this does not seem likely to happen anytime very soon; it feels like at least one of the kids is pretty much irate or sobbing nearly all the time these days. Either that, or one of the adults is snappish and short-tempered.  Parenting a 6.5y and a 3.5y is kicking my ass lately. I don’t know how parents with more than two kids even deal; I’d be She-Hulk or Judge Judy all day long.

Two parenting hacks and one instance of just plain good luck

Hack: Amelia is reluctant to read aloud to me/us. Today she brought me her 18″ doll Bella and asked me to brush Bella’s hair. (Amelia isn’t persistent and careful enough to do a good job and brushing hair is one of the few things I ever liked about playing with dolls.) I told her I’d brush it as long as Amelia read to me while I worked. She read me a whole picture book and the time passed very happily for the both of us.  

Snuggle buttons and covers buttons are ON
Hack: A family we’re friends with taught us about “the tickle button,” an undefined spot on your body, which if “On,” means you are interested in being tickled, and if “Off,” means you do not want to be tickled. This has helped with Baxter’s mania for tickling people without asking first, yay! 

It’s also spawned other questions, like “Is your snuggle button on?” and “Is your hugging button on?” In case you were wondering, Baxter’s snuggle button is always on. 

Luck: I told Amelia we might ask her to take a nap today because she’s been getting to bed so late he last couple of nights. She decided to “play” rest time in the morning — I think in order to get out of taking a nap — and played it so convincingly that she fell asleep and napped for almost 90m, a good 30m longer than I would have asked her to stay in bed. Naps without fights? I’ll take two! 

So-far book review: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

 Got this at the used bookstore yesterday, hoping to read it to Amelia. It’s set in Texas in 1899, and the protagonist is a girl who identifies herself as a naturalist despite her school teaching her:

Reading, Spelling, Arithmetic, and Penmanship. oh, and Deportment. I got an ‘acceptable’ for Posture but an ‘unsatisfactory’ for Use of Hankie and Thimble.

Her granddaddy is horrified by this, and starts allowing her to shadow him in his own experiments and (local) expeditions. 

If she tolerates it, I think this would be a fun book to read with Amelia. It does deal with topics of racism on top of sexism, but I think we could talk about both constructively. I’ll read through to the end before I lay it on her 6yo brain, though. Liking it a lot so far.