“Mama, I’m going to have a collection. This bottlecap? It’s my collection that I started.”  Upon further questioning, that one bottlecap is the sum total of this collection; there is no need to collect any additional bottlecaps. 

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Baxter in a box 

The kids made a little box fort (complete with chimney) and Baxter was IRATE when he discovered the cat sleeping there this morning. He rattled the box, saying, “It’s not for you!”  When Spike made his escape, Baxter climbed in (backwards; it’s not even big enough for him to turn around in), and showed me…… Continue reading Baxter in a box 

The future 

The kids decided their professional goals over breakfast. Amelia is going to be a microbiologist, and Baxter is going to invent a microscope that can see inside of atoms.  Amelia will get the first microscope Baxter makes.   

Letter cards

  Amelia came out of her room this morning with a set of “letter cards” she had made “for Baxter’s classroom.” I asked her how she imagined the kids in preschool using them, and as she tried to explain, I suggested she try to show Baxter how to use them. Hilarity ensued (for me at…… Continue reading Letter cards

Baxter gets political 

    Evidently the kids have heard some discussion of the presidential election on the playground at school. Baxter told me this morning: Mama, I hope that man who wants to build a wall around the world… loses, and then falls head-first into a prickle bush. Then we had a short discussion about how wishing that…… Continue reading Baxter gets political 

Pictures of the kids

Tom’s been in Texas caring for his dad for the last week, and I’ve been sending him lots of every-day photos of the kids. Here are some of my favorites.                                

How sharp

Baxter: “How sharp is that knife?” Me: “VERY sharp.” Baxter: “No, HOW sharp is it? Is it as sharp as 155 and 250 and 100… meters?” Me: “Sure, I guess so.” Baxter: “Wow.”   

Rescue Princesses

Amelia has been reading this book aloud to me for the last 20m or so. Then Baxter woke up and he got to listen too.