How sharp

Baxter: “How sharp is that knife?” Me: “VERY sharp.” Baxter: “No, HOW sharp is it? Is it as sharp as 155 and 250 and 100… meters?” Me: “Sure, I guess so.” Baxter: “Wow.”   

Amelia the sous chef

“Mama, this is so fun. I love cooking with you. This is as fun as going to Oaks Park and going on the funnest ride.”  

Meal planning 

   Revisiting my old beloved Moosewood Cookbook to see if I can find anything I think the kids will eat. ūüôā My two of my mainstay cookbooks — both from Jenny Rosenstratch as I’m her biggest fan — are in the background. 

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Ripe strawberries

 I got half a flat of ripe strawberries at the Milwaukie Farmers Market today and just made 5 jars of freezer jam using Altom Brown’s recipe*. I love how easy and fresh-tasting freezer jam is — I hope I can keep making it all summer long, as each new fruit come into season! The freezer…… Continue reading Ripe strawberries

My new cookbook, and reflections on Make Your Own Dinner night

I bought myself a little something.¬† I have just about cooked Time for Dinner — of which Jenny Rosenstrach was one of three authors — into oblivion. It’s my most-recommended cookbook to anyone with kids. Things needed freshening up on the meal plan around here, so I picked up one of Jenny’s newer books. If…… Continue reading My new cookbook, and reflections on Make Your Own Dinner night

Dinner retrospective 

I’ve been super-lazy about cooking lately, but last night I finally made a nicer meal for me and the kids: apple Dutch baby, smashed potatoes, and wilted arugula salad with pancetta.