Baxter builds an x-wing

We got a fort building kit for Christmas from Paw-Paw Barney, and Baxter has discovered he can also use the pieces to build spaceships with invisible wings.           

A candid conversation about the anatomy of plants

Amelia and I were eating some of the previously mentioned strawberries for lunch.  Suddenly she said, “Mom look: stamens!”   And we started talking about how the green flowery-looking stem of a strawberry is actually the cover of the bud of the strawberry flower, and that the flower was pollinated by bees probably, but other animals…… Continue reading A candid conversation about the anatomy of plants

Games with Thrones

Amelia has started building herself more and more elaborate, throne-like seats (the better to rule her kingdom from, my dear).  When Baxter asked her to read him a book this morning, I walked back in the room to see her leading a one-person story hour.  To his credit, he lasted about 10 minutes.     …… Continue reading Games with Thrones

It was a Cinderella morning 

When I got out of bed this morning, I found Amelia carefully brushing Baxter’s hair around his tiara/headband. She had already helped him put on two tutus under his Cinderella dress (and over his pajamas). He was very pleased the results.     

Back to sleep

Baxter wakes up and groggily stumbles out of his room, saying “Mom, the green light* is on! I’m going to go back to sleep.” Me: “You’re going back to sleep?” Baxter: “Yes, right here on dis chair.”   He turned on the lights between curling up on the armchair, the way you do. His “sleep” didn’t…… Continue reading Back to sleep

Selling some old stuff

 We have a bunch of baby/toddler stuff that we’re selling on Craigslist this weekend, and the kids are entirely unhappy about it: Amelia: “Mom, you need to ask Baxter’s permission before you sell his bed!” (He’s been sleeping on a new twin bed for over a week now, btw.) Bax: “But Mom, we LOVE our…… Continue reading Selling some old stuff

My new cookbook, and reflections on Make Your Own Dinner night

I bought myself a little something.  I have just about cooked Time for Dinner — of which Jenny Rosenstrach was one of three authors — into oblivion. It’s my most-recommended cookbook to anyone with kids. Things needed freshening up on the meal plan around here, so I picked up one of Jenny’s newer books. If…… Continue reading My new cookbook, and reflections on Make Your Own Dinner night


  First thing in the morning, Baxter walks out of his room holding the purple horse stuffie. “Mama, dis is Glowsmash!” “It’s name is Glowsmash? That’s quite a name.” “Yeah. “And her can fly. See?” (hurls stuffie across the room) “Wow, her can fly SO FAR!”

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