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star wars

Baxter builds an x-wing

We got a fort building kit for Christmas from Paw-Paw Barney, and Baxter has discovered he can also use the pieces to build spaceships with invisible wings.    

My new Death Star


Introducing the first ever Jedi knight-bird

“And do you know that Peep-Peep Head turned into a Jedi knight-bird? And his new name is Sparklers. And he has a secret x-wing, and it’s (whispers) my trampoline. And that’s why his head is bigger. And he has a invisible light-saber.”  

Light saber and duct tape

Baxter interprets the Luke-light-saber-sparring scene from A New Hope, with the small addition of a roll of duct tape.  

No Luke, it’s a trap! 

A video in which Baxter explains why it’s a trap.   


Courtesy of Maker Faire, one of Baxter’s dreams has come true! If only C-3PO  could have been there too.  

“Do I look like Obi-Wan Kenobe?”


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