Conversations with Baxter

Wonder Woman wants inB is home recovering from a random fever today, and we’ve had some fun talks in which I’ve gathered interesting information:

  1. He thinks it is crazy that The Princess In Black has not yet been made into a movie. He thinks that George Lucas should produce it, since he did a good job on Star Wars. He suggests we just “go down to there” to go see Mr. Lucas and ask him, since he’s just “across from us” in California.  It is shocking that I don’t already know Mr. Lucas, but we shan’t let that stop us.
  2. Classic videos of Wonder Woman > Dinosaur Train > Thomas the Train > Sesame Street
  3. He can carry very heavy pillows, and thereby help me make his bed.
  4. When I say “eat three carrots,” that means he will eat three bites of carrot.
  5. “It’s a good thing Wonder Woman can help!”
  6. “Whoa, you can take this off. Look, I took this off.”

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