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Yarn Party

This year for the first time at an Automattic Grand Meetup, I organized an activity — a yarn party! A bunch of my coworkers, already united by WordPress, also share a love of fiber arts. It was nice to take a break from intense discussions and activities to just work on some knitting or crochet projects. I even taught a few developers how to knit, which was really fun! I’d love to do this again next year.   

Teaching Amelia to knit

Amelia’s working on her first needle-knitting project, a cotton washcloth. She’s been finger-knitting for a while now, avidly of late, and asked me to teach her how to knit with needles. I was only too happy to do so. Look at her serious face! 


A quiet morning

I woke up an hour early this morning and decided to get up and have a quiet cup of tea while listening to Wee Free Men on audiobook and knitting. I’ve always liked having this time before dawn to myself.   

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