Poem: Insomnia

Awake at 4am on Sunday: my brain’s cruel joke. Unfinished work and arguments rev my body, overheat my thoughts. Sleep retreats, crowded out by the non-stop, frantic, tense what-ifs. Too much red wine last night. I have to pee and drink some water. Maybe if I take something for the headache. Who are we kidding,…… Continue reading Poem: Insomnia

This is a thing now

Every day for about a week now, Baxter has emerged from his room in the morning saying, “Mom, I got up too early.” He proceeds to make a little bed for himself on the couch so he can rest for a few minutes before the perpetual motion machine that is his body currently gets revved…… Continue reading This is a thing now

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Bad night

   Amelia had anxiety-insomnia between 11:30pm and 1:30am (at least) last night, with Bax waking up a few times in there just for good measure. We’re accustomed to the kids sleeping peacefully through the night these days, so I’m pretty wrecked this morning — which calls for strong measures. I made myself coffee instead of…… Continue reading Bad night