A Very Big Sign: Keep Out


From The Big Tidy Up by Norah Smaridge
From The Big Tidy Up by Norah Smaridge

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

This blog is largely about my kids, whose identifying info I don’t obfuscate as much as many other parent bloggers do. I see other writers referencing their kids with initials or cute nicknames like Hammerhead. They don’t show photos of their kids’ faces or mention the names of their schools. I feel like they are probably doing something smart that I should do, but instead I keep titling things Amelia With This and Baxter Does That, and I tweet about where we’re going and like their schools on Facebook. I persist in this even though it seems I should be worried, like other parents obviously are, about people cyberstalking and – what’s the terrifying conclusion of that threat? – kidnapping or somehow hurting my kid/s.

But really, I don’t want to live in a subjective universe where there are people scouring the internet for succulent children to abduct and bake in their gingerbread ovens. And I know from hideous experience that Stranger Danger is largely a myth. And then there’s the fact that this site is mostly for my own archiving purposes – so I can own the stuff I post to FB and Twitter – and isn’t a place where I plan to intentionally build readership and thus notoriety. Mix together all of these reasons and sprinkle with some Mother-of-Young-Children laziness, and you will have a beautiful fruit salad of No Change.

So the one person I hope isn’t reading this blog is the person I know exists, though not on every block: I hope there isn’t a rapacious, psychopathic kidnapper reading this blog, for obvious reasons. And I’m going to live – and keep posting – like there isn’t.

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