Three and a half

We had a classic 3.5yo moment yeaterday evening, in which Baxter was overcome by emotion at the very thought of a bath, flung himself on the ground, and wailed, “But I don’t want to do sings dat I don’t want to do!!!” 

At the end of bath, when I was toweling him off, he kissed me a few times on the face and neck and then told me with eyes wide, “You have a LOT of kisses now!”

I got this little story from Baxter’s teacher: 

I shared some photos of Amelia at three years of age with Erika in the Cedar class. She thought they were photos of Baxter. I told her they were of Amelia. Her response? “WAIT! Baxter is going to get older?!?!” 

I feel the same way, Erika. I feel the same way. 


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