Baxter’s sundress 

Baxter was adamant that he wanted to wear “a sparkly dress” to summer camp today. Since we try to keep dress up clothes at home, I dug through a cache of summer clothes that Amelia wore a few years ago and found this sundress. Baxter’s delight was instant, exuberant, and enduring. So much so that he made up this song:

I love my new DRESS!
I love to TWIRL in it!
I want to wear it every DAY!
Because I look so BEAUTIFUL!

And then he ran around singing “I Have Confidence” from The Sound Of Music until breakfast time.  

I’m really happy (and feel really lucky) to be able to send Baxter to a preschool where I know he won’t be shamed or teased for wearing a dress or skirt. He’s also really excited about his new sandals, “because my favorite colors are blue and green, mama!”

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  1. Michelle says:

    I can’t like this enough!!

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