Recent Baxterisms

“Uh-oh! I don’t want to forget my Batpurse.”

(whiny) “MOMMMMM! I’m too tired to go to sleep.”

“Everything looks so far away in my bin-ah-clee-ars.”

And last but not least: 

There’s a thump in Baxter’s room after lights out. Tom goes in to investigate and sees Baxter dive into bed when he opens the door. Tom approaches the bed as Baxter lies still and pretends to be asleep. Tom kisses Baxter and says, “It’s time to go to sleep now, buddy.” Baxter whispers, “I am asleep, Dada.” Tom replies softly, “Baxter, if you were asleep you wouldn’t be talking right now.” Baxter, eyes still squeezed shut, mouths silently, “But Dada, I really am asleep!”

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