My cycling companion today 

Not sure if all that extra cute weighs more than it should or if Bax is just growing like a weed, but wow pulling a trailer will slow you down!


By Andrea Middleton

I'm a community organizer on the WordPress open source project and a wine enthusiast.


    1. Depends on the age of the little. When he’s 4, I’m ok with trusting that he’ll not get distracted and let go and tumble off. But baby through 3-4y, I want him to be able to relax (and even fall asleep) while I’m riding. Also a trailer is handy for hauling all the Kid Crap that you might need to haul. 🙂 or to make a grocery run with no kids at all!

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      1. Our little one turns 2 next week.

        The bike seat I was looking at had a good harness and protected the side of the legs and head, but I don’t know how comfortable it would be to sleep in there. I was mostly worried about how she could move around too much in a trailer, and put herself in a bad position. But you make it a very good point with all the stuff we got to carry around whenever we have to get out of the house. 🙂

        I will check Amazon and compare prices. Thanks!

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  1. This is what we have: EDIT: lies! This is actually what we have. Possible the In Step brand is better. 🙂 FWIW, we’ve used this Schwinn trailer for over 4 years now; durable.

    I will also say about the seats that you’re talking about seem cool to me — my sister had one and liked it — but they seem to really affect the balance of the bike you’re riding? I’m not a really strong rider, though my sis is. I kind of like that the bike trailer is stable, independent of what my bike is doing — in the terrible event that we are hit by a car or I crash the bike, he’s strapped in the middle of what’s essentially a roll-cage.

    The model we bought can also be used for two kids, as long as they both fit. 🙂 There was a time (when Amelia was about five and Bax was about two) when we hauled them both in there, though I will say 1) wow, heavy; and 2) she barely fit. But if you were to take two 2-3yo kids to the park in a trailer, it would work great.


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