My cycling companion today 

Not sure if all that extra cute weighs more than it should or if Bax is just growing like a weed, but wow pulling a trailer will slow you down!



  1. Jeremy says:

    How is the trailer? I’m hesitating between a trailer like that and a bike seat that I would attach to the back of my bike. Any recommendations?

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    1. Depends on the age of the little. When he’s 4, I’m ok with trusting that he’ll not get distracted and let go and tumble off. But baby through 3-4y, I want him to be able to relax (and even fall asleep) while I’m riding. Also a trailer is handy for hauling all the Kid Crap that you might need to haul. 🙂 or to make a grocery run with no kids at all!

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      1. Jeremy says:

        Our little one turns 2 next week.

        The bike seat I was looking at had a good harness and protected the side of the legs and head, but I don’t know how comfortable it would be to sleep in there. I was mostly worried about how she could move around too much in a trailer, and put herself in a bad position. But you make it a very good point with all the stuff we got to carry around whenever we have to get out of the house. 🙂

        I will check Amazon and compare prices. Thanks!

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  2. This is what we have: EDIT: lies! This is actually what we have. Possible the In Step brand is better. 🙂 FWIW, we’ve used this Schwinn trailer for over 4 years now; durable.

    I will also say about the seats that you’re talking about seem cool to me — my sister had one and liked it — but they seem to really affect the balance of the bike you’re riding? I’m not a really strong rider, though my sis is. I kind of like that the bike trailer is stable, independent of what my bike is doing — in the terrible event that we are hit by a car or I crash the bike, he’s strapped in the middle of what’s essentially a roll-cage.

    The model we bought can also be used for two kids, as long as they both fit. 🙂 There was a time (when Amelia was about five and Bax was about two) when we hauled them both in there, though I will say 1) wow, heavy; and 2) she barely fit. But if you were to take two 2-3yo kids to the park in a trailer, it would work great.


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