Happy happy beach time 

We found a stretch of beach we liked, actually in the mouth of the Columbia River, with a nice amount of wet and dry sand, plenty of wind, and not many people. The sun kept the wind from freezing us the death, and the great volume of wind made kite flying a serious occupation. Of course both kids got wet and sandy, but that’s why you go to the beach, right? 

We stopped off at a wildlife blind as well, on the other side of the peninsula — a mere 5m walk — and there was no wind at all. Amelia and I sat on a log near the gently lapping water and listened to the terns scream “give it BACK!” at each other as they flew overhead. Baxter collected “wheat” from the grass growing in the sand dunes, hoping to give it to Bob (of Bob’s Red Mill) so he could grind it into flour. 

Dinner was chicken sausages and Asian slaw; delish!

This morning we had a tasty egg and bacon breakfast, and then the kids rode bikes while the adults packed up. We spent another hour or so on the sand before we drove home to Portland.  


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