Baxter on Dramamine

 Baxter gets car sick, so when we drive to the coast, we give Baxter a dose of Dramamine so he’ll sleep through the mountains. 

There’s usually a time either before he falls asleep or after he wakes up when he’s still tripping, and sometimes he gets chatty. This last trip to the coast, I recorded some of his musings. 

  1. Mama, some of my fingers are thicker.
  2. Mama, when will we see Lewis and Clark?
  3. I know a lot about the earth. I know a lot about nature too. Because it’s living. And it’s not pretty when it’s dead. And when it’s alive, it is pretty. And I just saw a squirrel.
  4. Wait a second! Where’s all of that sand from?
  5. It’s hard to take care of a baby because they have very soft bones. Even if they’re a boy or a girl.
  6. This is a very exciting day.

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