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Poached eggs


The head and the ear

Amelia: I’m sitting at the head of the table! 

Baxter: And I’m sitting at the ear!


Last home-cooked breakfast for a week


It’s National Kale Day

Hope your breakfast was as delicious as mine! 

Sautéed kale with two fried eggs and a little shredded Swiss cheese.   

Weekday huevos rancheros

One corn tortillas, wilted spinach or kale, two fried eggs, salsa, and a light sprinkling of shredded cheese. I’m really enjoying starting my day with this breakfast lately! The kids are really into yogurt. 🙂  

French toast


Dutch baby with sautéed apples

Tom made the Dutch baby and I made the apples. Happy Sunday!

Bagel and figs


Yeasted waffles with whipped cream and berries

Baxter doesn’t like blueberries (I know right? WHY) so the strawberry plate is for him.  

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