Baxter in a box 

The kids made a little box fort (complete with chimney) and Baxter was IRATE when he discovered the cat sleeping there this morning. He rattled the box, saying, “It’s not for you!”  When Spike made his escape, Baxter climbed in (backwards; it’s not even big enough for him to turn around in), and showed me…… Continue reading Baxter in a box 


 Overheard: Baxter: “I’m turning into a kitty.” Amelia: “Why?” Baxter: “Because my mind loves kitties.” “When people are mad at kitties, sometimes they hide.” “Where’s milk? Tuna fish! Tuna fish! Tuna fish is the BEST!”

A girl and her cats

Amelia was home sick from school today, and the cats enjoyed sleeping on and around her very much. Maybe it’s the warm blanket, or maybe they’re just trying to suffocate her germs to death.