Great fun with the PDX Broadsides at Ardenwald Park

We had a blast tonight at the last Thursday night event in the Ardenwald Summer Concert Series, listening to the geek-filk band called PDX Broadsides. Here’s part of their first number, “Aim to Misbehave,” which references Firefly and Capt. Mal Reynolds. 

 Usually the kids and I pay some small attention to the band at these things, but tonight Amelia sat on the steps all night long, gazing up at the band adoringly (I’m a huge fan too — folk music plus geekery? Squee!) One of their first couple of songs referenced superheroes, so they got Baxter’s attention early.    

 Amelia was so tickled by their last number, “Nathan Fillion, Please Take Off Your Pants” (which they told the kids was about a boy who was not putting on his pajamas) that she demanded we buy their album. Neither Tom nor I had cash on us, but I plan to get “Aim To Misbehave” via their online store later this week. You can sample their music there!

If you like beautiful singing, funny songs, and/or geek culture, then totally make time to see the PDX Broadsides. I believe they’re playing Rose City Comic Con in a few weeks. You’ll thank me later; or maybe you’ll see me at their next show and thank me then! 😉

I’m so glad we bought our home last year

The Portland real estate market is crazy these days — when we bought our house last year, this was the fifth formal offer we had made — but this article about how one small business owner included one free pizza a month for life in their offer on a house makes me really glad we’re not trying to buy this summer. All the stories I’m hearing are insane.