Rainbow magic is here to stay

I confess I was hoping Amelia’s love for these books were a passing phase. I’m not sure what I was thinking — they’re practically written exactly for her. Now that Baxter is equally obsessed with them, I fear they’re here to stay for a while. She’s reading one every two days(ish) so I can’t really complain — she’s reading independently, voluntarily, and avidly, woo hoo! But gosh, these books are insipid, formulaic, and truly facile. 

The villain of the series is Jack Frost and his host of goblins, and I feel kinda bad for little Jackie — the fairie folk never did completely accept him, and he can’t help his nature. I also fear for Kirsty and Rachel, the protagonist humans — with all this contact with fairies in their youth is certain to cause problems when they reach their majority. 

Baxter in a box 

The kids made a little box fort (complete with chimney) and Baxter was IRATE when he discovered the cat sleeping there this morning. He rattled the box, saying, “It’s not for you!” 

When Spike made his escape, Baxter climbed in (backwards; it’s not even big enough for him to turn around in), and showed me how the intended used for this fort, which is obviously to shelter Baxters, not cats.