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Cinnamon rolls for breakfast 


Christmas birthday cake

I asked Baxter what kind of frosting he wanted on his birthday cake: vanilla, peppermint, or chocolate. His answer: “brown.”   

It’s not the holidays  until we bake spritz cookies 


Grateful for this feast

From the top center: asparagus with  sesame oil, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and gravy, smoked turkey dark and light, cranberry relish, sweet potato soufflé, fan tan rolls, Brussels sprouts with pancetta. 

Best. Thanksgiving. Dinner. Ever.   

Grateful for Brussels sprouts


In which Amelia realizes that she does not in fact like pumpkin pie after all


Amelia the sous chef

“Mama, this is so fun. I love cooking with you. This is as fun as going to Oaks Park and going on the funnest ride.”

I love this child so much.

Theirs and ours


Make your own pizza night

All the fixings are ready! Let’s see if anyone other than me chooses broccoli. 😉


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