Floating garden

We left a yard waste bin right side-up over the winter, and it’s now full of water. Yesterday the kids made “some boats for the fairies” when they came home from school. The sticks are battleships (Baxter’s contribution), the nutshell is for elves, and the white flowers are for pixies. The daffodils are “particularly good for fairy children, because the big one can sit in the middle, and the smaller children can sit all around the petals.”

Baxter gets political 

Evidently the kids have heard some discussion of the presidential election on the playground at school. Baxter told me this morning:

Mama, I hope that man who wants to build a wall around the world… loses, and then falls head-first into a prickle bush.

Then we had a short discussion about how wishing that bad things happen to people who make bad choices isn’t very kind. We finally agreed that we hope “that man” makes better choices and uses kinder words in the future. 

Jedis, capes, ghosts, and consequences: recent Baxterisms

  “I’m practicing to be a Jedi. I’m going to be a Jedi when I grow up. So I need a lot of space.”

“Mama, so you know what my skills are good for? Protection, because I have my cape on.”

“But aliens are fiction. If you did saw an alien, that would be a person, right? Dressed up for Halloween. Some people want to be ghosts. If you’re a ghost, you don’t have to stay dry. You can have a blanket on. You can be a red ghost, or a green ghost, or a blue ghost, or a orange ghost, or a tan ghost, or… A silver ghost!”

Of The Secret of NIMH: “Amelia, I’ll keep you not scared. I KNOW it’s not real.”

“I like snakes and polar bears. And guess what, that’s where your hair stops.”

“AMELIA, if you don’t let me come into your room for one more second, I won’t let you come into MY room.”